Hello VRChatters!

The community has been bringing in hundreds of worlds and avatars since we started VRChat, and for the last two years we have had some truly frightening Halloween events.

To celebrate, we decided the make this Halloween our scariest ever, with our first official contest, Scared to Reality! Builders, get ready to make the scariest Halloween experiences in Social VR yet. You’ll have the chance at some great prizes while designing worlds and avatars in VRChat.

We’ll be showing off your creations during Halloween weekend (October 27th & 28th), and ending with a grand Halloween party on Sunday the 29th, where you can show off your designed avatars.

Scared to Reality

The Scariest Halloween Contest in VR!

Submit Your Completed Avatars and Worlds Here

Starts: September 14th, 2017

Ends: October 21st, 2017 with judges going through worlds during the week of the 22nd.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions can be found here.


Judging Criteria

Worlds and Avatars will be judged on a hundred-point scale based on their relative scariness.

Creativity, uniqueness, and fun are very scary. Poor VR performance and loads of assets bought from Unity are not very scary.


While these will have no effect on judging, it might be useful to follow a few of these guidelines to promote your world as a popular place to hang out before and after Halloween is over.


On Sunday October 29th we will announce our judges pick for scariest world at the Halloween Party starting at 3pm PST.

What You Need to Participate


Kent Bye

Host of VR podcast Voices of VR. Kent Bye has traveled to the top VR gatherings around the world since May 2014 to bring you a diverse range of VR perspectives and insights from over 500 makers and seasoned academics.

Chris Madsen

AR/VR influencer & director at Morph 3D specializing in avatar creation and distribution tools. Endlessly fascinated with the teleportation of consciousness to shared digital spaces.

Reverend Kyle

You can call him an Evangelist, an Enthusiast, a Futurist, a Developer, and an Influencer, and be correct on all accounts. As host of the Rev VR Podcast, he has introduced numerous budding developers to the VR community.

Scott Hayden

Scott Hayden is the lowest editor on the totem pole at Road to VR and has worked there as a writer for the past three years as he's followed VR's growth. He was asked for a one-sentence blurb, but he wants everyone to know he's both unwilling and incapable of following even the simplest instruction.

Jesse Damiani

Jesse Damiani is Editor-at-large of VRScout and CEO of Galatea, a writing and project management tool for immersive stories.